Recipes: The Flip Side of Flapjacks

The csa box or farmers market haul delivers a thrilling source of kitchen inspiration—in June. By now, though, your cravings have probably taken on an autumnal tinge, and those big salads and grilled vegetables seem so very last month. But you can bring new life to the late summer and early fall harvest with a little culinary creativity. Almost any vegetable, no matter how many times you’ve already cooked it this year, can feel new again when you take a different tack. Enter pancakes: Savory versions of that infinitely accommodating breakfast staple are just as satisfying around the dinner table. They make a terrific vegetarian main course served on a bed of mixed greens, as well as a side dish for simply grilled or roasted meat or fish.
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Shoots & Ladders: Cooler Crops

It’s hard to believe that in a city where August is punctuated by air quality alerts and the heat index routinely hits the century mark, cool salads, after taking a short hiatus in July and August, are back in rotation by September. So, smog be damned, late August is a great time to plant another round of lettuce, bitter greens and radishes.
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Food: Minus the Moo - Fire up the Weber, it's burger season

Though i’m not a vegetarian, summertime piques my partiality for grill-ready burgers created from beans (or lentils), grains and vegetables. The trick to a homemade veggie burger that won’t fall to pieces on the barbecue is a simple three-step process: cook, chill and grill. This means that the night (or morning) before, you make the burger mix, brown the patties in a skillet and then chill to set. These can also be made in larger batches and frozen—handy for spontaneous types. Since bean burgers appreciate a bit of sauce for extra flavor and moisture, whip up two of my favorite toppers to really gild this legume lily.

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Recipes: Spears of Joy

Asparagus signals the arrival of spring
by Marisa McClellan,

Each spring, I celebrate the arrival of local asparagus. Those fat, green-verging-on-purple stalks mean that the season of verdant abundance has arrived. I binge on the stuff—much like my beloved grandmother Bunny did before me—buying armloads of asparagus, slightly fearful that it will disappear before I’ve had my fill.

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Recipe: Tempeh Tantrum

The other non-meat takes center stage
by Bernard Brown

We all know tofu, whether as a food or a punchline, but what about tempeh? Just like tofu, tempeh is a sustainable alternative to animal products. Both are made from soybeans, which are probably the most resource-efficient way to convert sunlight, air and soil into protein, so picking tempeh over animal products saves water, land, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution.

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Recipe: Beet and Lentil Vinaigrette

Courtesy of Pumpkin chef Ian Moroney

Pumpkin is a neat little restaurant where you can have an intimate meal or a quick lunch bite, and then hop across the street to their market for some goodies to make your own feast. Their menu changes every day, so it pays to check back often. Some days they’ll have snails, some days duck and some days they might ask you what you’d like.
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