A Welcome Wake-Up Call: A holiday breakfast your guests won't mind waking up for

Open a food magazine in anticipation of the holiday season and you’ll find a world of recipes for grand family dinners or dishes that travel well. Newspapers devote entire sections to items for your Christmas buffet, and more than a few food blogs will offer advice on how to transform your leftovers into satisfying lunches and inspired suppers.
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Recipes: Spears of Joy

Asparagus signals the arrival of spring
by Marisa McClellan, foodinjars.com

Each spring, I celebrate the arrival of local asparagus. Those fat, green-verging-on-purple stalks mean that the season of verdant abundance has arrived. I binge on the stuff—much like my beloved grandmother Bunny did before me—buying armloads of asparagus, slightly fearful that it will disappear before I’ve had my fill.

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Food: Gussied-Up Tabbouleh

[ serves 8 ]

When I first became a vegetarian, tabbouleh was one of the few dishes in my culinary repertoire. I recently updated this Middle Eastern staple—beloved for its pairing of fresh vibrant herbs with sweet, chewy bulgur. I’ve added a bit of lemon zest to brighten the flavor, and instead of soaking the bulgur in water, I soak it in veggie broth for an added layer of flavor.

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Book Review: The Urban Vegan

The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes From Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine
by Dynise Balcavage
Three Forks/Globe Pequot Press; $16.95

What does an urban vegan eat? Food adventurist and urban ethnic food-loving vegan Dynise Balcavage wrote The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes From Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine as a response to this particular question that she was continuously asked.
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Recipe: Tempeh Tantrum

The other non-meat takes center stage
by Bernard Brown

We all know tofu, whether as a food or a punchline, but what about tempeh? Just like tofu, tempeh is a sustainable alternative to animal products. Both are made from soybeans, which are probably the most resource-efficient way to convert sunlight, air and soil into protein, so picking tempeh over animal products saves water, land, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution.

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Recipe: Guerrilla Ratatouille

Ratatouille is the perfect catchall for spring and summer’s bounty. A staple dish in Provençe, Ratatouille is loved for its versatility, as different chefs have completely different recipes for the dish. Feel free to play around with the proportions of vegetables, depending on what you like and what’s available.
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Recipe: Apple Raspberry Carboholic Cobbler

It seems like everyone these days is counting carbs. Everyone but me, that is! I love carbs so much that I added an extra layer of dough to this sweet and tart cobbler. Since it’s packed with fruit and fiber, it makes a healthy, filling breakfast paired with a steaming pot of tea. But my favorite way to enjoy this cobbler is as dessert, warmed slightly, with a scoop of vanilla soy ice cream.
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