Salad Solution: Local grocery grows lettuces, tomatoes

Chris Williams, head grower at BrightFarms' Yardley greenhouse, shows off a tomato start from the farm's first planting. | Image via BrightFarmsAnyone who has bought a bag of spring mix only to discover half the leaves wilted and slimy, knows first-hand the problems grocers face when trying to provide fresh produce to customers during the dead of winter.

Mark Eckhouse, vice president of the local supermarket chain McCaffrey’s Market, describes the seemingly convoluted process of purchasing lettuce—chasing growing seasons from region to region, often thousands of miles away, so that the produce can be shipped cross country—with a hint of frustration.

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Canned Goods: Five ways to preserve your delicious tomatoes

story by Marisa McClellanFresh corn and juicy peaches are great, but there is no summer food more versatile than plump, sun-ripened tomatoes. Because their season is fleeting, I make a point of preserving as many tomatoes as possible in as many ways as I can. Here are some ways I stash away enough Romas, Sungolds, heirlooms and grape tomatoes to hold me through the winter and beyond.
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Happy Cat Organics

A local seed company quietly amasses a tomato treasure trove

Hearing Happy Cat Organics’ Tim Mountz talk about tomatoes is enough to make any food-loving soul long for summer. Along with his wife Amy Bloom, Mountz has compiled a seed collection featuring 200 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. If that sounds like a lot, have no fear: Mountz promises to cap the operation at 250.
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