Shades of Green: Local artists repurpose their work to create a new eco-minded exhibit

SHADES OF GREEN is on exhibit at the Delaware Center for Horticulture until Dec. 2.

As a printmaker and mixed media artist, I spent years using harsh chemicals. My hands were a mess. So, I started greening my art methods, changing all my inks to water-based ones and reusing materials and papers whenever I could. Of course, as a mixed media artist, it’s hard to throw anything out—trash is my medium of choice. I am forever picking things up from the streets, although I make sure to not any toxic materials.

In June 2011, I read an article in Grid about how artist Tom Judd uses found cardboard in his projects. It sparked an idea for my group of 25 ARTsisters to make art from the old art we all have in our closets. ARTsisters is a group I founded in 2005 when I realized my long-time friend and fellow artist, Leslie DeBrocky, functioned as more than a friend in discussing and helping me with my art. She understood the process and could really understand the highs and lows involved in the challenges of being a professional artist.

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Dumpster Divers

Trashing South Street

For an entire year, Burnell Yow! went out every trash night, rummaged through people’s garbage and made a collage of what he found. Fifty-Two Collages in Fifty-Two Weeks is the result of that effort, and it’s hanging up in a brand new gallery space on South Street.
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Style and Substance

Philly U students learn the art and science of sustainable design
by Judy Weightman

Sometimes a random conversation with the person standing next to you in line leads to a new chapter in your life. That’s what happened to Rob Fleming and Chris Pastore, faculty members at Philadelphia University. “We were waiting to get our ID cards and started talking,” Pastore recalls. “It was immediately clear that we had to work together.”
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