Handmade Holiday: Knitting and Sewing

You are 90 minutes away from knitting your first scarf

Featured Stores: Loop 1914 South St. / Spool 1912 South St. 

Craig Rosenfeld worked in property management before opening Loop in 2005. “I had been knitting for a few years and was looking to make a career change,” explains Rosenfeld. The colorful storefront on South Street is a full service shop that carries yarn for hand knitting and crochet, needles, hooks and finishing services—everything a potential knitter could possibly need.

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How-To: Sew a Button

by Reesha Grosso

There’s no right or wrong way to sew a button. As long as the button stays put, you have done your job. If you have lost your button, check the hem for extras, remove one from somewhere less conspicuous, or buy a button of the same size (look to the other buttons on the garment for guidance).
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