Grant Allows Sustainability Workshop's Expansion into Full Four-Year High School

Students at the Sustainability Workshop, with faculty member Michael Clapper (right rear) © All rights reserved by Workshop School

Most adults who’ve attended an event titled “The Sustainability Workshop,” probably sat in a room for six long hours, scribbled some notes on stormwater issues or soil erosion, ate a few crusty danish, (awkwardly) networked, and then went home soon to forget most of what they learned. However, if you are a 17-year-old student in Philadelphia, attending The Sustainability Workshop (TSW) it means that you have opted into a yearlong alternative high school experience whose mission is “to unleash your creative and intellectual potential to solve the world’s toughest problems.” These exceptional high school seniors trade in their old classrooms for the chance to work on real projects including the Hybrid X car design challenge. And starting next year, TSW will be expanding into a full four year high school. 

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