Proud Mary

Mary Seton Corboy and Greensgrow continue to set an example

story by Lee Stabert/photos by Jessica Kourkounis

Greensgrow, an urban farm and nursery in kensington, is a superstar of Philadelphia’s sustainability community. Having earned an abundance of recent national and local press, the pioneering farm’s name is always at the ready when conversation turns to the rising tide of urban ag. But Greensgrow is important because it’s not new. It’s not trendy. The farm has been around almost 15 years, long enough for legitimacy

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Profile: King of Compost

Urban farmer and MacArthur Grant recipient Will Allen on the importance of greens, worms and more
by Lee Stabert

Everything about Will Allen is big. The pro basketball player turned urban agriculture iconoclast has hands like baseball mitts, and arms like tree trunks. His normal uniform—jeans, baseball hat, hooded sweatshirt with the sleeves removed—only serves to emphasize the power of his gentle, hulking presence.

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Profile: Second Nature

A veteran Philly furniture maker finds new inspiration
by Lee Stabert

I interview Jack Larimore from an unfinished bench in his studio. Reclaimed wood timbers lay on an angle—dominos mid-fall—braced by a small round ball. The top is sanded, but still rustic. As he speaks, I can’t help but run my finger along the grain of the wood.

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Profile: Folk Fight

Philadelphia’s Joshua Marcus—and his banjo—campaign for environmental justice
by Lee Stabert

They say use what you got. For Philadelphia’s Joshua Marcus, that happens to be a banjo and a connection to the socially-conscious folk music of another era. Armed with those tools, he has completed This Land, a collection of seven songs and oral histories recounting the specific stories of local environmental justice movements.

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Profile: A Man for All Seasons

Marvin Dixon takes lessons learned on a farm to the luxury hotel business
by Char Vandermeer

If the typical luxury hotel is a gaping hole of conspicuous consumption, then Philadelphia’s Four Seasons Hotel is anything but. With its hugely successful composting program, a commitment to reusing cooking oil, an aggressive commingled recycling program and a brand-new cogeneration system, it sticks out like a green thumb.

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Profile: Fancy Footwork

A local shoe designer gets LEED-certified 
by Natalie Hope Mcdonald

When it was time to expand its headquarters, shoemaker Dansko put its best foot forward and went green. The footwear designer may be best known for its comfortable clogs, sandals and shoes inspired by traditional Danish design, but as of this year, this suburban Philadelphia-based company was awarded LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, thanks to a multi-million-dollar building project at its new 80,000-square-foot headquarters in West Grove, PA.
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