Cultural Shift: Philadelphia's major institutions embrace green building practices

story by Kristen Dowd

Walls made from plastic bottles. Rainwater recycled to flush toilets. Electricity generated from the sun. Green building is on the rise across the nation, and institutions in the Philadelphia region are prime examples. While only some have official Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, all have a common mission: to reduce their carbon footprint and educate visitors about the benefits of sustainable design. Below are six institutions in and around the
Philadelphia region leading this movement.

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Green Goes Greener: Eagles' tailgaters part of new recycling program

Eagles’ fans may aPhoto via Lot Squadlready bleed green, but now, with a new recycling initiative from Lot Squad LLC, they can tailgate green too. Beginning four hours before the game, fans in South Philly Sports Complex lots managed by Central Parking are handed green bags and recycling information sheets by Lot Squad’s Recycle-A-Lot Team. During tailgating, the team circulates the parking lots, distributing new bags and collecting full ones. The co-mingled bottles, cans, plastic containers and cardboard are then transported to Waste Management’s recycling facility for separation and recycling.

“Each week the process becomes more streamlined and we are able to educate more tailgaters and collect more recyclables,” says Cecil Moore, founding partner of Lot Squad, LLC. “Fans in Philadelphia are focused on doing the right thing.”
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