Farm to Front Door: LFFC to begin offering home delivery

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Ever roll out of bed, shuffle to your kitchen ready to prepare a mouth-watering breakfast of freshly laid eggs, straight-from-the-farm herbs, and produce that still has the morning's dew on it only to recall that you live miles away from rolling pastures? It’s a crushing wake-up call. But Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op (LFFC) is working to lessen the blow. The cooperative network of more than 75 Lancaster County family farms has partnered with Doorstep Dairy and Lancaster Farm Fresh Organics Trucking to deliver goods straight to the residents of Philly, Lancaster, Morgantown, Reading and the Mainline.

Expanding delivery from just wholesale markets, LFFC is now offering an at-home delivery option for its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. In exchange for a single fee, customers will receive weekly vegetable, fruit, flower and/or community-supported medicine shares right to their doorstep. There are spring and summer share options, each offering great seasonal organic produce for May through October.

Not ready to commit to a share? Order products like almond butter, eggs or grass-fed beef from the online store and get a little bit closer to local farms without ever leaving home.

To see the LFFC delivery range, check out their interactive map