Honey Bee Brew: Ancient beverage finds newfound buzz

The fermented love child of honey, water and yeast, mead has been charming the palates of drinkers since the dawn of time (well, not technically, but 2000 B.C. is pretty close). And it’s having a bit of a moment in this millennium, too. For the DIY-inclined, mead is a popular homebrew project. Nancy Rigberg, co-owner of Home Sweet Homebrew, says the greatest challenge to crafting flavorful mead is to be patient.
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Summoning the Spirits: Art in the Age crafts distinctive liquors that celebrate the past

Art in the Age founder Steven Grasse (left) and collaborator Michael AlanWhen it comes to libations, it can be fun to mix things up. But what if you’re after something that’s interesting, straight from the bottle? The lineup of liquors from Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction — Sage, Snap, Rhubarb Tea and Root — exist somewhere outside the scope of the usual boozy suspects.
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Profile: Philly Distilled

The city's first craft distillery hopes to replicate beer's success
by Will Dean

Craft beer has transformed the drinking scene in Philly over the past decade, growing from a niche tipple to a fixture at most bars. Now, the more rarefied—or just more determined at getting drunk faster—world of craft spirits is hoping for the same luck. At least, it will if five-year-old, award-winning Philadelphia Distilling has anything to say about how you spend your Friday nights out.
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