So You Want to Be a Farmer? It's hard work - but it's also easier than you think.

At the most fundamental level, food is inseparable from farmers. The richness of our seemingly boundless land beckoned settlers across the continent to build the homesteads, farms and ranches that became the cradle of the first American Dream, literally feeding the growth of a young nation. In 1935, the number of farms in America peaked at 6.8 million, just as the population topped 127 million citizens.

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Frecon Farms

A third-generation orchard looks to the future

The Frecon family has had a storefront in Boyertown since 1952. Richard Frecon and his family settled in the area in 1944 and began planting fruit—apples, peaches and nectarines. After outgrowing their roadside farmstand, they converted an old restaurant into a permanent retail location where they could sell their goods.

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Food: In Season

Recipes for a four-course local meal

We’re still full from our food issue (last month, by the way), but we decided to continue expanding our recipe selection, along with our pant sizes. The kind bloggers at agreed to help us out by mixing up a whole meal of delicious, local dishes you can serve at home, or bring to a potluck.
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Feature: Will Play For (Local) Food

Philly raconteurs Hoots and Hellmouth promote local farms on tour
by Andrew Thompson

Amid the hustle of touring—going from town to town and not being able to stop for more than a few hours to play a show, fill your stomach at a Cracker Barrel and jet off to the next venue—it can be hard to find a small food co-op, especially when the town you’re playing in doesn’t have one, says Sean Hoots, guitarist/lead vocalist for Philly-based roots rock band Hoots and Hellmouth.
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