Whole Lotta Love: Kimberton Whole Foods celebrates its 25th anniversary

Pillars of Sustainability: GRID recognizes that sustainability isn’t a new phenomenon. In recognition of our forebears, we will, from time to time, profile local people and institutions who’ve laid the foundation of the region’s sustainable infrastructure.

Don’t drive too fast by the Kimberton Whole Foods; you’re likely to miss it. Housed in a brick building with white painted windows and a green awning, the store is unassuming—nothing like the unrelated name-sharers from Austin, Texas. If not for the shopping carts outside, you might not even realize it’s a food store.

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Bright Future: DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara is putting Delaware on the right path

Collin O’Mara’s first two years as the secretary of energy and the environment have given the state of Delaware some serious sustainability bragging rights. Thanks to its youngest appointed cabinet member (he was appointed in 2009 when he was 29 years old), the state now supports green building and energy efficiency programs, the first statewide curbside recycling pick-up service and legislation promoting green jobs. And that’s just the beginning. O’Mara, who is also a LEED-accredited professional, came to Delaware from San Jose, Calif., where he lead the city’s Green Vision project and a citywide green economic development initiative. GRID spoke with O’Mara about his decision to come to Delaware, the benefits of being a small state and how being young has become an asset. 
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