Get the LEDs Out: Is this blossoming technology the future of lighting?

Last may, 500 exhibitors and 24,000 visitors descended upon Philadelphia for Lightfair, the annual international trade show for the $30 billion lighting industry.  The hot topic? Which new energy-efficient lighting technology will keep our homes bright once 2007’s Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) takes effect in 2012. It’s a race to win the hearts and minds of consumers who are disillusioned by the shortcomings of compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, which were supposed to dethrone incandescent bulbs, but instead turned some consumers off with their light quality, lack of dimmability and mercury concerns.
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Noble Salvage: Light Show

Warren Muller turns the detritus of everyday life into something illuminating. 
Look closely at one of Warren Muller’s spectacular light sculptures and you might spy some familiar items: old metal lunchboxes and canteens, colored glass vases and chipped teapots, tin funnels and candy molds, shovel handles and wire baskets. In Muller’s exuberantly creative version of recycling, cast-off objects get new life as illuminated art. He has made “chandeliers”—as he calls his fantastic creations—out of wooden ladders and abandoned bicycles. A new work, the nearly 40-foot-long “Dream Time” (recently installed in the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History) features rusted lawn furniture, kids’ tricycles, old metal toys and the grille from a Jeep.  
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