Homebrew for the Holidays: Giving the gift of beer

In a craft-beer-driven city like Philadelphia, it’s little wonder that some of the most popular holiday gifts begin with water, malt, hops and yeast. If you plan to give a home-fermented creation, start early, says Nick Less, co-owner of Philly Homebrew Outlet (1447 N. American St.). Most beer styles can be completed in about a month, except for extra high-alcohol ones, which take longer to mellow. But for novice brewers, says Less, it’s better to start with a low-gravity formula (4-6% alcohol) anyway.
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Handmade Holiday: Brewing Beer

Amaze your friends and brew your own

Featured Store: Home Sweet Homebrew 2008 Sansom St.

Philadelphia's first brewery was erected in 1683, and by 1793, Philadelphia was producing more beer than all the other seaports in the country. That tradition lives on today in our award-winning local breweries and a growing number of enterprising homebrewers doing it for themselves.

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Revolution Brewing

How to make an old-time Philly brew
by Will Dean

Winter might seem like a time for shutting down and hibernating, but it’s also a perfect time for making a little something to help pass the cold months more easily. Here’s a simple recipe for a porter—a dark, malty beer that has a long tradition in Philly dating back to Revolutionary times—from George Hummel of Home Sweet Homebrew.

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