Cover Story: House Rules

A Philly startup is out to prove that eco-friendly architecture can be affordable
story by Natalie Hope McDonald / photo by Shawn Corrigan

It happened over beers. Childhood friends Chad Ludeman and Nic Darling were in the process of making a huge change—leaving their jobs to launch a development company. Neither one had any work experience in architecture or design, but they could see a shift happening—green, energy-efficient building was the future, and they had a chance to capitalize.

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Starting Up: Greensteps

Laura Blau taught energy savings to her six year old son, Nandor, using the green cloth dragon that hangs from his bedroom door. Every night, if Nandor’s clothes are still clean, he puts them inside the dragon’s pouches and wears them the next day. Overtime, Laura does less laundry and when she does, she uses cold water and line dries.
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