From the HEART: Food Truck Serves Up Local, Sustainable Cuisine

When you think of escargot or griddled pork belly, getting it from a food truck may not come to mind. With a promise to cook from the heart and to offer environmentally sustainable and local menu options, owners of the HEART food truck, Michael Falcone and Tonda Woodling, are looking to change that. 

“We really want to offer our customers the best product possible and help elevate the way people look at food trucks, we want them to see us more as a restaurant on wheels,” Falcon says.

Having owned and operated the restaurant Funky Lil’ Kitchen in Pottstown for nine and a half years (the restaurant closed in 2013), switching to a food truck meant more flexibility, creativity and a broader customer base for Woodling and Falcone.

“The truck allows us to do what we do best, but with more flexibility,” Woodling says.

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Farm Truck offers mobile access to local food and art

If there’s one characteristic indispensable to anyone in the food business, it’s patience. Eliot Coven and Kris Pepper, owners of the food truck/mobile art gallery Farm Truck, know that all too well. The duo is often up into the early hours of the morning prepping locally sourced ingredients, like herb-roasted tomatoes for their Artichoke Pesto Mozzarella Sandwich and jalapeno cream cheese to pair with a fresh-baked LeBus bagel. The hours clocked are well worth it as their menu of homemade soups, sandwiches and salads boast a delicious sampling of what’s in season.

Coven and Pepper, both Philadelphia University graduates, are equally thoughtful about their truck’s carbon footprint. Their food is served in recyclable or biodegradable food containers, and a recycling bin travels with the truck. During the warmer months, expect their sustainability initiatives to go one step further — the truck will become a mobile farmers market, selling the same produce from Common Market and Weavers Way Co-op that Coven and Pepper use in their dishes. But that’s not all. In addition to being a kitchen for their own creations, the truck, which was painted by artist Gabe Felice, is also a gallery for local artists. Grid caught up with the chefs on Farm Truck’s one-month anniversary to see how their patience has paid off. To keep tabs on where the truck will be parked, check out Farm Truck’s Facebook and Twitter (@Farm_Truck).

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