Spirits of Independence

The latest Grid is out now, with a fascinating look at some of the independent spirits who are leading the resurgence of local libations in Philadelphia. Join us for a look behind the scenes at the community-minded founders of Philadelphia Brewing Company, the master brewer behind the artful beers of Tired Hands Brewing Company and the historically inspired spirits produced by Art in the Age.

Also in this issue, we are proud to present the 2014 Sustainable Business Directory, created in partnership with the Sustainable Business Network. With dozens of categories, this excellent resource is your guide to the key businesses of Philadelphia's local economy. So if you're in need of home improvements, business services, a new place to dine - almost anything - keep this handy directory around and you'll be ready for whatever the coming year has in store.

Grid is available at your favorite Grid pickup location, or view it online, right here.

Eating Green: Philly's favorite restaurants go the extra mile to be local and sustainable

It seems that in recent years,  no other setting is as apt for a discussion on sustainability than the dinner table. A conversation about the steak on a plate becomes one about industrial cattle production and greenhouse gas emissions. The roasted potatoes spawn a debate on pesticide use or the implications of monoculture. Sautéed spinach seems suspicious in light of food safety concerns, and the iced tea might remind us of the rights of workers on sugar plantations.
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