A Man for All Seasons

Illustration by Laura Weiszer

A cyclist's commitment to all-weather commuting

Last October I got serious about biking. I know it was October because that’s when I ordered a pair of waterproof pants from Amazon. I had already been biking mostly everywhere for just over half a decade, but I had made a conscious decision to only bike, regardless of the weather. So I already had slightly leaky rain boots and a rain jacket, and the only missing component to biking through a downpour was rain pants. Before buying those pants, it was far too easy for a rainy day to force me onto the trolley, but since then I really had no excuse but to bike to work.

My partner Nikki and I shared a car, using it maybe once a week, but when we moved to West Philadelphia, I wanted to prove to myself that I could eliminate even those occasional weekly trips. With the exception of occasional family visits to western Pennsylvania, I wanted to be car-free.

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Are You a Green Innovator?

Greenfest Philly, Clean Air Council looking for big ideas

Greenfest Philly, now entering its ninth year, aims to provide an inviting avenue for Philadelphians to engage with a more sustainably conscious lifestyle through small changes in the consumer and lifestyle choices they make every day. This year, Clean Air Council, the nonprofit responsible for organizing the festival, is partnering with the Philadelphia-based hygiene products manufacturing and development company SCA once again to present the 2014 Green Innovators Program, and they’re looking for businesses and organizations with great ideas.

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Clearing the Air: Council uses the law to defend clean air

Clean Air Council Executive Director Joseph Otis Minott, Esq.Ever since the Clean Air Act came into being in 1963, there have been forces trying to subvert it. Since 1967, the Clean Air Council (CAC) has been fighting back, relentlessly defending the tenets of the act on behalf of the citizens of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. 

In 1982, Joseph Otis Minott, Esq. was hired by CAC as a staff attorney, fresh out of Villanova Law School. One of only a handful of employees, his first major project was successfully suing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to implement an auto emissions inspection program. That case was the first step in Minott’s career in environmental justice and legal activism in the name of clean air. By 1986, Minott had become both executive director and chief counsel. Under his leadership, CAC has grown into a robust organization with 7,000 members, 36 employees and offices in Harrisburg, Erie, Wilmington and Philadelphia. 

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Have a Bright Idea? Consider Entering the Green Innovators Program

Last year's winners of the Green Innovators ProgramIf you have a head for business and a passion for sustainability, consider entering the Green Innovators Program, a competition that challenges local businesses and organizations to develop green initiatives in the Philadelphia area. In addition to receiving a complementary exhibit booth at the event, selected competitors will have the opportunity to earn public recognition and win a $750 cash prize.

Since 2011, the Clean Air Council has host the event at Greenfest Philly.

“The main goal is to highlight Philadelphia area businesses and organizations that have great new green ideas and are working hard to implement them. It is our hope that Greenfest provides a platform for exposure and recognizes their innovation,” said Katie Edwards, the Special Events and Communications Director at the

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