Itty Bitty Brewery: The new Saint Benjamin nanobrewery plans to keep its batches incredibly small, and its reach incredibly local

When Tim Patton moved to Philadelphia in 2006, going into the beer business wasn’t even on his radar.

“I came up from Wilmington, where I’d started an Internet business,” he says. “I wanted to get out of the suburbs, so I moved up here to find something else to do with my life.”  

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Intersections: Yards Tasting Room

Venerable local brewery taps a new market.

In late January, Yards Brewing Company unveiled their latest assist to the city’s hangovers: a tasting room at their brewery on Delaware Avenue. The space will sell six-packs, cases, kegs and sixtels, in addition to pints that can be enjoyed at the U-shaped bar. The tasting room was constructed using a plethora of recycled and salvaged materials—the bar is made from old bowling alley planks, the floor is a sustainable composite and the lights came from an old Bennigan’s. There is also a limited food menu featuring sandwiches and chili. In addition to its regular hours, the tasting room is available for private parties and events.
901 N. Delaware Ave, noon–7 p.m. Mon.-Sat.; 
noon–4 p.m. Sun.,