Catch the Buzz on Bees at the Philadelphia Honey Festival!

The fourth annual Philadelphia Honey Festival is coming back to town! This September 6-8, The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild presents the totally free educational festival will be featuring events around the city to spread the word about bees, urban beekeeping, and honey. Events at Bartram's Gardens, Wyck Historic House, and the Wagner Free Institute of Science range from the Honey Happy Hour to beekeeping lectures to the Be A Bee pageant.
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Learning by bumbling with bees

story by Tanya Veitch | illustration by Stephen HaighFirst, a confession: I am a full-on honey bee nerd. I love my bees and am totally addicted to beekeeping. I’ve been “keeping” bees since July 2010. In that time I’ve lost sleep, been stung (my fault), felt terrified and overwhelmed, and of course, made what feels like a million rookie mistakes. Still, I kept returning to the hive, and eventually I started to get the knack for this crazy hobby.
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How-To: What's the Buzz

Become a Philly Beekeeper
by Phil Forsyth & Micah Woodcock

Our recent urban beekeeping survey and tour revealed that the majority of Philly’s two dozen or so beekeepers started within the last five years. Why? We know that bees are essential pollinators for gardens, farms and orchards. Other than wind-pollinated corn, the vast majority of our vegetable, fruit and nut crops are highly dependent on bees for pollination. Commercial beekeepers rent out their hives all across the country, moving as the harvesting season changes. In recent years, these “rental” hives have been devastated by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a phenomenon in which a hive’s worker bees suddenly disappear en masse.
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