Asparagus: Like spears through our hearts

story and photos by Grace DickinsonAsparagus is a hard worker. Plant it in a field, and you’ll see. Once the stalks get growing, they don’t stop. “Keeping up with it is a chore in itself,” says Deborah Rudman, this month’s featured gardener. “Though a good chore.”

Asparagus’s constant growth calls for a relentless (almost daily) picking schedule, with stalks shooting as high as 10 inches in just 24 hours. The crop is only harvested in the spring, though it needs space in the garden all year. As long as you properly take care of the perennial, it will zealously do its job for years to come. Fifteen growing seasons down the road, don’t be surprised to see the same patch of asparagus sprouting just as quickly as during its first year.

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Recipes: Spears of Joy

Asparagus signals the arrival of spring
by Marisa McClellan,

Each spring, I celebrate the arrival of local asparagus. Those fat, green-verging-on-purple stalks mean that the season of verdant abundance has arrived. I binge on the stuff—much like my beloved grandmother Bunny did before me—buying armloads of asparagus, slightly fearful that it will disappear before I’ve had my fill.

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