Upper Crust: Delicious meals in the pie of the beholder

story and photo by Marisa McClellan WE'VE ARRIVED AT THE TIME OF YEAR I fondly refer to as pie season. There’s truly no better winter dessert than a flaky pastry filled with something sweetened and spiced. When I bake a pie—especially one that isn’t going to hang around my kitchen—I’ll always make a bit more crust; the scraps make for great little filled pastries. Sometimes I’ll stuff them with leftovers from the previous night’s dinner to make a meaty turnover, other times I’ll quick cook some fruit in a little sugar and butter.
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One A Day

Easy options for apple season
Photos and Recipes by Marisa McClellan, foodinjars.com

Though I adore the strawberries, plums and peaches of summer, by the time fall rolls around, I’m ready for apples. They’re at their peak in September and October—crisp, sweet and so, so crunchy

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