From the Depths: Can you harness the power of the earth to heat and cool your home?

With such high-profile institutions and individuals as the Philadelphia Zoo, Friends Center and even Phillies reliever Ryan Madson all going gaga for geothermal, it looks like there may be a trend in the making for the future of heating and cooling in Philadelphia. Geothermal systems, designed to exploit the fact that the Earth maintains a near-constant temperature throughout the year, offer high efficiencies and big energy savings, but with price tags to match.
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Waste Not!

Biogas technology will save Philly some serious money 

by Matt Jakubowski

Biogas isn’t sexy. There are no sleek silver solar panels, no turbines on a windswept hill. It’s a part of your regular routine, but we’re only beginning to tap into its explosive potential. Biogas generation, the unmentionable alternative, uses methane, a potent greenhouse gas that comes from our garbage and our raw sewage, to power engines. It’s already used in the United States, and it’s sure to be an inexhaustible supply of energy—and bad jokes—for decades to come.

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