Keeping the Wheels Turning

Cory Dulaney, left, and Soleil, 4, share a moment July 17 after Words on Wheels delivered books to Soleil. | Photo by Cory J Popp

North Central Philadelphia book delivery program aims 
to improve literacy and fight the summer slide

In 2009, Temple University undergrad Lauren Popp witnessed firsthand how limited access to books can affect a child's ability to read. Popp was tutoring an 8-year-old student at Tree House Books, a nonprofit dedicated to improving childhood literacy. The student’s assignment was to write and rewrite a set of words, which he was able to do. But when Michael Reid, Tree House’s executive director, asked him to pronounce the letters of each word and the words themselves, the boy started crying. He could only say the words because he had memorized them. 

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