The Hope Gardener: Volunteer cultivates youth, garden at homeless shelter

photo by Stephen DyerFor 77-year-old Margaret Guthrie, the key to success and longevity is all about perspective. “I still think I’m 18,” she says, laughing. “I wake up and I look in the mirror and I say, ‘Who the hell is that old hag?’ But I stay interested. I’m always curious about something or someone. … If you keep your eyes open to see all that’s going on around you, it’s hard to grow old.” 
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Weavers Way Co-op: Big Changes Underway

Image via weaversway.coopLocal favorite Weavers Way Co-op in Mt. Airy is expecting big changes this summer.

Construction has already started on the Mt. Airy Pet Supply and Wellness storefronts, combining them to make an extended space that will include a huge bulk section for buying nuts, grains, snacks, dried goods and oils.

While the main building is under construction, the Mt. Airy store has opened a special Pop-Up Shop in the community meeting room at 555 Carpenter Road. For convenience to Mt. Airy shoppers, a shuttle van will travel to and from the Chestnut Hill Store Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings.

And don’t worry, the Co-op isn’t going anywhere! In fact, they have tons of events planned for the summer, including parties, cook-outs, crafts and more. Check out what’s in store for the upcoming months here.

Map Quest: How to find Philadelphia's solidarity economy

story by Samantha Drake Any doubt that the Philadelphia region has a thriving alternative economy, complete with cooperatives of all kinds, can be answered by a look at the map created by Craig Borowiak, political science professor at Haverford College.  

The Philadelphia Mapping Project illustrates the evolving “solidarity economy,” which, according to Borowiak, includes “economic activities that prioritize relationships of reciprocity, democratic participation and community needs.” Perhaps the most prominent co-op in the region is Weavers Way Co-op, with locations in Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy and more than 4,900 member households. But Weavers Way isn’t alone. Philadelphia has dozens of childcare and preschool co-ops, artist co-ops, community development organizations, community land trusts, community gardens, credit unions, food co-ops, housing co-ops and other organizations.

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