Gaining Currency: From Germantown to Lancaster, people discover the incredible value of Equal Dollars

story by Brian Ademaekers | photo by Albert Yee. Bob Fishman (center), founder, and Deneene Brockington (Right), director, oversee a purchase at the Equal Dollars Consignment Shop.It’s a Monday afternoon in mid-February and a half-dozen Strawberry Mansion residents gather in a building at 30th and Ridge Streets. They stand around tables loaded with vibrant, fresh vegetables, like lettuce, mushrooms and bean sprouts. One resident, Beth Lisby, talks excitedly about her dinner plans: chicken salad over a bed of fresh green lettuce with plump tomatoes and yellow onion.

It’s a simple meal, but it’s one made with high-quality, fresh vegetables in a neighborhood where fresh vegetables can be a challenge to find. Adding to the satisfaction of the meal is how Lisby earns her bounty. During the week, she spends her time caring for elderly neighbors, making sure they are warm, well-fed and have their prescriptions filled. “I’ll even do the ladies’ hair, if they want that,” she says with a grin.

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Just Rewards: Philadelphia Recycling Rewards launches in Strawberry Mansion

RecycleBank, a company founded in Philadelphia in 2005, has finally launched its innovative recycling rewards program in the City of Brotherly Love. Mayor Nutter and other city leaders celebrated the event with a press conference and demonstration in Strawberry Mansion.
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