Fruit Pies for POP: A fundraiser for Philadelphia Orchard Project

Fruit pies may not grow on trees, but their sweet, sticky filling sings when made with local, seasonal summer fruit like tart apples and mellow blueberries; both grow in urban orchards around Philadelphia thanks to the Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP). To help POP maintain their 34 urban orchards and plant even more, Tiny Terra Ferma, a landscape design studio and garden supply shop in Manayuank, will host an evening of pie eating, refreshments, live music, urban orchard art installations and educational talks on growing fruit.

“Fruit Pies for POP: A fundraiser to benefit the Philadelphia Orchard Project” is on Wednesday, July 18 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the Tiny Terra Ferma garden at 4324 Main Street in Manayunk. Tickets can be purchased for $10 at The fundraising event will kick off the 90-day GiveToBenefit campaign to raise funds for POP (they will match 10% of funds raised) and to link them with high-quality gardening materials from Tiny Terra Ferma.

"The vision of POP is a city where every community, regardless of location or wealth, has access to fresh healthy fruit grown right in the neighborhood,” says POP director Phil Forsyth, who has established thriving urban orchards including Kensington’s Cambria Orchard and Chester Avenue’s Squirrel Hill.

On the evening of the Pies for POP event, guests will be welcomed into the Tiny Terra Ferma shop and garden to learn how an austere city space (Tiny Terra Ferma was once an un-kept garage and ramshackle backyard) can be transformed into an urban oasis. The shop is now home to vertical garden walls, an expansive backyard garden by the Manayunk canal, heirloom seeds, native and edible plantsand hand-crafted, high-quality tools.

Urban orchard art installations will be revealed on the night of the event, showcasing artfully arranged trees and tools to help guests understand what elements produce fruit, and what materials will benefit POP. Guests can take home a fruit tree or other edible or native plants that night with 10% of the sales from the garden shop going to POP.

“The event will bring people together around landscape design, art, music, fruit and pie, and will empower people to believe that they can learn to grow their own food. Tiny Terra Ferma and POP share a mission in teaching people how,” says Tiny Terra Ferma Co-owner Jeff Lorenz.

While purchasing a ticket online, guests can order sweet or savory pies from Sweet Elizabeth’s Cakes in Manayunk made with fruit from Three Springs Fruit Farm to pick up at the event. 10% of pie sales will benefit POP. Additionally, guests can purchase one of 25 limited edition pie tree sketches from Australian artist BobbiRo.


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