Center City’s New “Oasis Garden”

Alexandria Imbesi (right) tends to the "Oasis Garden" she designed for Moore College of ArtPhiladelphia’s designers are on the hunt for underutilized space. Urban nooks and crannies between buildings, on rooftops, and even within parking spaces are the poaching ground for “green fill” – infilling with functional green space. Moore College of Art & Design is home to one such green fill success, thanks to the creative effort of Alexandria Imbesi, an Interior Architecture + Design student at Drexel University.

Imbesi’s re-design of Moore’s south cafeteria courtyard (at 20th and Cherry Streets) transformed the once vapid dining patio into a vegetated “oasis garden.” Wooden planters and benches made of reclaimed fencing line the rectangular space, punctuated by herbs, perennials, and ornamental grasses. The plants are watered with rainwater collected from a disconnected downspout within the courtyard, thereby adding to the design’s sustainable flare.

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