MANTLE's Kickstarter Meets Goal

Image courtesy Wild Mantle

No stranger to Grid, Avi Loren Fox, the creator of the MANTLE (formerly the JANEY), has reached her Kickstarter goal and we couldn't be prouder. The luxurious hooded scarf is made sustainably in the U.S. to combat the cold and is way more fashionable than that old scarf you've been wrangling with all December.

More about the MANTLE:

The young entrepreneur initially desired a combination hoodie/scarf a couple years ago, but couldn’t find a similar product in stores. “I decided to make one out of old sweaters,” explains Fox. After people stopped her and said “What is that? I want one!” the idea for her company Wild Mantle and the signature MANTLE accessory was born. 

Fox named the hooded scarf she created a MANTLE for two reasons. “Not only is ‘mantle’ an ancient word for a loose fitting hood or cloak, but the term also connotes one's role or responsibility in the world,” says Fox.  Her mantle is to launch a company rooted in her commitment to environmental and social responsibility. She invites others to carry out their personal mantles and form a community around the physical MANTLE accessory. 

Keep up the great work, Fox.