Holiday 2010: Birds of Paradise

If you’re making your holiday turkey selection based on personality, then a heritage breed Red Bourbon is probably the way to go. As we approached their enclosure at Griggstown Quail Farm in Princeton, NJ, the colorful birds moseyed on over to say hello. They gobble-gobbled, the males fluffed their feathers into that familiar crown (an embellished childhood hand come to life), and the army of birds intently followed our path as we traversed to a dry patch of land.
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Media: Michelangelo Pistoletto

On November 2, the Philadelphia Museum of Art debuted Michelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many, 1956–1974, a survey of the Italian artist’s varied and complex oeuvre, and Michelangelo Pistoletto: Cittadellarte, an exhibition of the artist’s current work at his interdisciplinary laboratory. Pistoletto has long used his work as a lens for contemporary society—this includes issues of waste and ecology.
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Holidays 2010: Fry Baby

I’ve been known to laud Hanukah as the original green holiday—no decorations, no elaborate meat-based meals and an origin story in which one day’s worth of fuel burns for eight. And, adding to my smugness, my family was never big on gifts; dad gave us a little bit of cash (or gelt) and my mom threw a couple nifty items into a clean pillow case.
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Local Business: Potato Head

Three Potato Four’s new retail space on Shurs Lane feels a bit like a macro version of their beautiful, deliberately-chosen salvaged items and antiques. A former wool mill that’s over 100 years old, the converted space (once used as a dye room), has taken on myriad other incarnations in the last few decades, including a furniture repair shop, a dog collar factory and host to a couple of raves in the ’80s.
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Foraging: Pawpaw Paradise

photos and story by Lee StabertI’ve watched enough Survivor to know that building a fire is hard. Or at least it should be. But then I witnessed Casey Spacht start one in less than a minute—a couple quick strokes with a string bow and some delicate blowing was all it took for the carefully prepared tinder to explode into flames.
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Falls Bridge

The Trolley Car Café opens as a gateway to East Falls, and a haven for bike lovers 
by Lee Stabert

Writing about the recently opened Trolley Car Café in East Falls was the best assignment ever—on a beautiful August morning I hopped on my bike and took a leisurely six-mile ride down the Kelly Drive recreation path to meet with owner and developer Ken Weinstein.

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