Bee Afraid

Philadelphia author educates and entertains with his latest eco-thriller, Deadout

Too often, the message of sustainability is delivered in a heavy-handed and humorless way. That’s why Jon McGoran’s delightful books with doomsday plots are so welcomed. Drift and Deadout, the first two books in a trilogy about the adventures of Doyle Carrick, a good-hearted but reckless detective, fall under the category of “eco-thriller.” At their core, the books offer the pure entertainment of a “good guys vs. bad guys” story, but McGoran manages to introduce ideas about food safety and sovereignty in a gentle way, and from the differing perspectives of fully-fleshed characters. In Deadout, released in August by Forge Books, the plot revolves around the disappearance of native honey bees, and a corporation with a genetically modified bee ready to come to the rescue. Grid caught up with our former editor in chief to discuss his latest work. 

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The Politics of Seed Saving in the Age of GMOs

image courtesy of Mural ArtsWhat could be political about seed saving? At a time when the overwhelming majority of the American food supply contains foods that have been genetically modified and are protected by patents, when farmers are subject to aggressive litigation for saving those seeds, intentionally or not, the answer is plenty. On Thursday, September 26, a panel discussion hosted by Mural Arts of Philadelphia will explore
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