Supper puts whole grains in the spotlight

The Buffalo grits (front left) and red quinoa pilaf (front right) are two dishes in the new Mill section on Supper's menu. | Photo by Grace DickinsonIt’s raining grains at South Street’s farm-to-table restaurant, Supper. Chef Mitch Prensky recently added a new “Mill” section to the menu, bringing quinoa, barley and other whole grains to the center of the plate.

“I wanted options that would be healthier and different than your traditional Italian pasta,” says Chef Prensky who opened Supper back in 2007 with his wife, Jennifer. “This gives us an opportunity to work with those more marginal ingredients that people tend to only see in smaller amounts.”

The Mill section offers four different dishes, which will change as new produce comes in season. Most fruits and vegetables are sourced from the restaurant’s personal farm, Blue Elephant, located just 45 minutes outside Philadelphia in Newtown, Pa.

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