Type Does Matter: What bike is right for you?

What type of bike is right for you? Here's some choices...

ROAD: Sleek and streamlined, the road bike is built for speed and maneuverability. You can spot them by their frame’s thin poles and even thinner tires, which make them very light. Many local cyclists modify their road bikes into fixed gears, trading in their extra gears for extra speed and control (and hipness). Favored by the kids, bike messengers, speed enthusiasts and professional riders.

  • Pros: Fast, and can be modified to go faster or travel long distance. Look like they can go fast. Dodge through traffic like a butterfly.
  • Cons: Higher maintenance. Thinner tires mean more flats. Extra speed can go to your head.


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Bike safely on Philly’s streets


illustration by J. P. Flexner

Contrary to what most medieval scholars thought (four humors? c’mon, guys), the brain is where all that “you” stuff happens, and keeping its little house intact and not cracked is important when navigating streets full of steel, plastic and rubber death machines. So wear a helmet. Yes, they look kinda dorky but until personal force fields are available, this is the best way to protect your head. Make sure the helmet fits over your whole head, doesn’t have any previous cracks and the straps are snug.

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Street Law: Stuart Leon fights for Philly’s cyclists in court


photos by Shawn Corrigan

Jude still can’t recall the accident. One moment he was on his bike at the intersection of Broad and Spring Garden, waiting for the light to change. The next, he was waking up in a hospital bed with a broken leg, two broken ribs, a shattered shoulder, about eight head staples and a bill of $360,000.

The driver, who’d sped through a red light, left Jude for dead and abandoned the car less than a mile from the scene. There were no police charges and no locatable witness, and Jude didn’t have health insurance. Luckily, he did have the name of Stuart Leon.

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