From The Editor: Water Works

It’s thrilling to see the Philadelphia Water Department taking aggressive, progressive action to solve the city’s stormwater woes. Faced with a system in crisis, they came up with “Green City, Clean Waters,” a solution that favors rain barrels, grassy sidewalks and tree pits over the construction of yet another massive tunnel. “The hardest thing to do is to reverse the trend of creating a concrete barrier to nature,” says Joanne Dahme, the Water Department’s general manager of public affairs. This is a triumph of good design.
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Recycling Challenge: Metal Clothes Hangers

FACT: 3.5 billion metal hangers, the equivalent of 200 million pounds of steel, are used each year by the dry cleaning industry alone.

Problem: Metal (or wire) hangers are the scourge of the recycling industry. In addition to the low percentage of steel reclaimed per hanger, they can catch on recycling equipment and cause jams and damage.

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Site Design: Yikes

Yikes has always been a triple-bottom line business—people, profit, planet—so, when the opportunity arose to make their office space as green as their ethos, they acted. A certified B Corporation and SBN member, the web design company has been in their current rental space in Northern Liberties for eight years and decided it was time to buy.
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