Local Ties


"Everybody eats!” is a rallying cry of food and environmental activists
eager to grow a broad-based movement. With the exception of the Philly Naked Bike Ride, everybody wears clothes, too. Can our daily routine of tucking in and buttoning up lead us to a sustainable future?

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One A Day

Easy options for apple season
Photos and Recipes by Marisa McClellan, foodinjars.com

Though I adore the strawberries, plums and peaches of summer, by the time fall rolls around, I’m ready for apples. They’re at their peak in September and October—crisp, sweet and so, so crunchy

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View Point

Upgrading your windows will make you more comfortable, and save you cash
by Samantha Wittchen

As any Philadelphia rowhome resident knows, windows work for you—providing much-needed natural light in what can otherwise be a narrow, dark house—and they work against you, leaking heat in the winter and letting scorching sunlight in during the summer.

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Mose Def

A West Philly prog-metal band runs on veggie oil 
by Jacob Lambert

For the average band, touring is a difficult proposition: the rush to and from cities, the endless gear-schlepping, the loss of proper sleep. All that makes West Philadelphia’s Mose Giganticus all the more notable: The prog-metal quartet, currently in the thick of a cross-country tour, runs their bus on vegetable oil
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For the Birds

An urban environment is no deterrent to hawk watching
by Bernard Brown, phillyherping.blogspot.com

On this particular morning, the pigeons were smarter than the squirrels. Walking from my office to the ATM, I noticed breadcrumbs strewn across a stretch of sidewalk in Washington Square Park. A pair of young squirrels took turns jumping on each other and tussling in the grass nearby, but nary a pigeon was there to peck up the crumbs.
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Growing Pains

A fight erupts over an urban farm project in Roxborough 
by Nic Esposito

Is a local Philadelphia food system just a curiosity—something that looks good on grant applications—or can it sustain our city? Does it work by revitalizing a portion of the city’s vacant lots or do we rely on the surrounding rural counties to support our agricultural needs?
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Diaper Dandy

Mt. Airy’s Nesting House is a bastion for eco-aware parents
by Ariela Rose

For many, choosing a baby’s diapering system is as easy as running to the nearest convenience store and grabbing a box of Pampers. But for those with environmental concerns, cloth diapers may be the best choice. In a reusable diaper landscape full of cleaning services, snappies and bamboo liners, where is a new parent to begin?
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Falls Bridge

The Trolley Car Café opens as a gateway to East Falls, and a haven for bike lovers 
by Lee Stabert

Writing about the recently opened Trolley Car Café in East Falls was the best assignment ever—on a beautiful August morning I hopped on my bike and took a leisurely six-mile ride down the Kelly Drive recreation path to meet with owner and developer Ken Weinstein.

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Book Smart

The city releases its guidebook for solar projects

In June, the city debuted its highly anticipated Guidebook for Solar Photovoltaic Projects in Philadelphia, an element of Philadelphia’s participation in the Department of Energy’s Solar American Cities Partnership.

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