The River Wild

Bernard Brown

I waded in from a rocky bank in the mountains of Schuylkill County and quickly forgot what I was looking for. My plan on that hot afternoon had been to snorkel for turtles, a pursuit that involves actively investigating underwater boulders and snags. Instead, I watched the fish and rocks on the bottom scroll by like some angelic dream of flying, the sounds of the world cozily muffled by cool water.

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Grid's Do-It-Yourself Home Weatherizing Guide

As part of
Grid’s continuing effort to prepare you for the expiration of the PECO rate caps (see August’s cover story), we’re offering you this handy guide to weatherizing your home. The materials you’ll need for these projects, which cost between $5 and $20, are available at your local, independent hardware store. Implement these quick, inexpensive solutions, and you’ll save energy, decrease electric bills and free your house from drafts and leaks.
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Cheese Of The Month: Claudio’s Mozzarella

Claudio Specialty Foods
by tenaya darlington,

If you’ve never had fresh mozzarella—I’m talking one-hour-old—do yourself a favor and stroll down to Claudio’s in the Italian Market. It’s one of the few places in the city where you can still observe a food tradition in action. Like Nan Zhou (927 Race St.), the noodle bar in Chinatown where you can observe skilled technicians pulling dough into ribbons, at Claudio’s you can see people in shower caps making mozzarella by hand, Tuesday through Saturday.
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Bag It

Spruce up that sack lunch with these easy recipes

Recipes and photos by Marisa McClellan

The days are getting shorter. Labor Day is on the horizon. Soon there’ll be a hint of a chill in the morning air. This can only mean one thing: Fall is coming, and with it fresh school (or office) supplies, one or two new items of clothing, and another year of lunch boxes to prep and pack. Whether you’re in charge of a single midday meal or a family’s worth of brown paper bags, these recipes might just be the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

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Proud Mary

Mary Seton Corboy and Greensgrow continue to set an example

story by Lee Stabert/photos by Jessica Kourkounis

Greensgrow, an urban farm and nursery in kensington, is a superstar of Philadelphia’s sustainability community. Having earned an abundance of recent national and local press, the pioneering farm’s name is always at the ready when conversation turns to the rising tide of urban ag. But Greensgrow is important because it’s not new. It’s not trendy. The farm has been around almost 15 years, long enough for legitimacy

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Along for the Ride the Perkiomenville Flea Market

By Julie Lorch

On one of the hottest days of summer, a friend and I embarked on a two-day bike trip to Perkiomenville. Every Monday, over 300 vendors gather at the corner of Route 29 and the Perkiomen Trail for what is widely considered one of the best flea markets around. We had our saddlebags ready for the 96-mile round trip, loaded with PB&Js, extra bike tire tubes and as much water as we could manage.

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Jungle Fever

This South Philly gardener goes vertical by scott orwig

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the simplest way to go green: plants. But for city dwellers whose outdoor space consists of a tiny concrete slab or rooftop deck, a lush, outdoor garden seems out of the question. There are plenty of easy ways to green up even the most meager of spaces—potted plants, window boxes—but if you’re really looking to maximize your space, look skyward.

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Smart Water

Two Penn grads quench your thirst and address the global water crisis by danielle zimmerman

In Philadelphia, you can fill a glass with the flick of a faucet, or instantly run a warm bath to relax from a particularly rough day. But for people living in other parts of the world, those simple actions are still an unimaginable luxury.

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Learning To Eat

Philadelphia’s Farm to School program expands
by lee stabert

Over the last few years, school lunch has scored a prominent place in the national dialogue—whether it’s Michelle Obama’s initiatives, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution or “Fed Up With Lunch,” a Texas teacher’s disturbing blog documenting the daily menu at her school. It’s also an issue that’s poised to affect a growing number of local schools.

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Slice of Heaven

This month’s cover story on Greensgrow Farm hits on a number of our favorite issues—cultivating community, repurposing vacant land, food and self-reliance—but, at its core, it’s about the joys of hard work. As my dad used to say, “Hard work ain’t easy.” He would know. With the help of my mom and their four children, my dad has anchored a family business for the past 33 years. The place is called Sizzle Pi, a pizza and hoagie restaurant in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
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