The Energy Issue: This Year's Model

Replacing your old appliances could save you some serious dough
by Samantha Wittchen

When it comes to energy hogs, large appliances are second only to your home’s major mechanical systems. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers make up 13 percent of your annual energy bill. Upgrading your appliances to more efficient models is one of the easiest ways to shave some bucks off your monthly costs.

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Dispatch: Battle of the Bulb

essay and illustration by Jacob Lambert

Environmentally speaking, there are a few things i’d like to experience before I die. Hopefully, the coming decades will bring a collective snubbing of our oil-centric exurban lifestyle. A move towards energy creation that doesn’t involve strip mines and cluster bombs would be also encouraging, as would genuine mainstream interest in nature.
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Film Review: Gasland

Ready to be outraged? The devastation chronicled in Josh Fox’s documentary Gasland hits very close to home. Offered almost $100,000 dollars for drilling rights to his family’s land in northeast Pennsylvania, Fox sets off on a mission to discover how the extraction of natural gas affects local water supplies and residents’ health. The news isn’t good.
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Farm Profile: Green Meadow Farm

“Someone once said, ‘If you do what you like, you’ll never work a day in your life,’” muses Green Meadow Farm’s Glenn Brendle. “But the key is to make what you like pay the way. I liked to garden, but it wasn’t clear that I was going to be able make it work well enough to raise a family.”
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Recipes: Raw Deal

When the heat hits, give your stove a break
recipes and photos by Marissa McClellan,

Here in Philly, August is a notoriously steamy month. Temperatures hover in the 90s and the air is so thick with humidity that walking from one room to another can leave you dripping with sweat.

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Sustainable Soul

An under-the-radar Mt. Airy restaurant keeps it green—and tasty 
by Lori L. Tharps

When it comes to Geechee Girl Rice Café—a low key Mt. Airy favorite on Germantown Avenue—a lot of people can’t get past the name. “What’s a Geechee?” is a question executive chef/owner Valerie Erwin hears often.
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Terrapin Station

The Wetlands Institute releases baby turtles, cuteness ensues
by Bernard Brown

Take my word for it: Nothing is cuter than kindergartners with baby turtles. On June 15, a fellow herper (i.e. reptile and amphibian enthusiast) and I drove to Stone Harbor, NJ, to watch the Wetlands Institute release baby diamondback terrapins.

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Nick Pine pushes solar power that goes beyond panels
by Lee Stabert

"Solar power” conjures images of high-tech, high-priced panels and carefully constructed rigs, but, as Nick Pine explains, the concept is actually much simpler—harnessing the sun’s heat can be cheap and easy, and an excellent replacement for fossil fuels.

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Shoots & Ladders: Going to Seed

My garden usually begins in December, when the first batch of seductive seed catalogs slip through the mail slot. I hide them in a special stack far from my husband’s rolling eyes. Once five or six varieties of direct-mailed garden goodness have been collected, I tear through them in one delightful binge.
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The Good Seed

Dr. Vandana Shiva changed my life. You could be next.
by Meenal Raval

I first heard of Dr. Vandana Shiva about nine years ago. At the time, I was burnt out from overwork, apathetic about the state of the world and just drifting through life. I received a postcard inviting me to a weekend-long technology and globalization teach-in organized by the International Forum on Globalization.

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Cookie Monster

Mike Landers churns out tasty vegan sweets
by Dana Henry

Mike Landers, founder of North Port Fishington Cookie Factory, is part of a generation of vegan bakers rewriting your grandma’s recipes. Those who’ve tasted the chewy oatmeal-cashew-cranberry cookie, the gooey chocolate peanut butter-frosted brownie or the ever-fluffy cinnamon roll have been known to exclaim, “I can’t believe this is vegan.”

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Bubbling Up

A local cleaning company is as green as its mascot 
by Lee Stabert

After only a few minutes of conversation with Dos Funny Frogs’ Alex Suarez, it becomes clear that he has the mind of a scientist—discern a problem, research, test, solve. That enthusiasm for discovering a better (and greener) way to do things propels his business.

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