Objects of Her Affection: Crafter keeps it extra local by using found items for her jewelry

No matter where she goes, StitchPrism owner KellyAnne Mifflin never stops looking for objects to integrate into her jewelry pieces. Because she lives in West Philadelphia, she takes advantage of the access she has to The Woodlands, Bartram’s Garden, and Tinicum Township in Delaware County. Some of her pieces are made using porcelain pieces she handcrafted herself, as well as driftwood and other found items. 

“A lot of my work is inspired by nature and incorporates natural elements," she says. "I spend a lot of time walking around.”

In addition to jewelry, Mifflin also creates aeriums decked out with air plants; colorful crystal pieces; and she plans to unveil a line of potions and sprays made from flower essences and essential oils at the Go West! Craft Fest. 

Because of her love for crafting and keeping things local, it was only natural for Mifflin to cross paths with Emily Dorn, owner of VIX Emporium, and to sell her wares not only there but at the Go West! festivals that Dorn helped to organize. “I do craft shows all over, but it’s always especially nice to get to do one in my own neighborhood,” she says.

To learn more about StitchPrism, visit stitchprism.com.