Double Duty: New company offers help with the ins and outs of sustainable parenting

For parents with babies, anything that makes


photo by Albert Yee

life easier is appealing. Unfortunately, convenience can often mean sacrificing quality or compromising a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

Bum & Tummy

is a company seeking to prove that “easy” isn’t always synonymous with “disposable” or “pre-packaged.

Founded by Mikki McIntyre and Julia McGuckin (moms themselves), Bum & Tummy is a cloth diaper and organic baby food delivery company serving Philadelphia and South Jersey. For a monthly fee, diapers and/or healthy baby food are delivered to customers’ doors each week, taking the guesswork and time commitment out of cloth diapering and preparing homemade baby food. Cloth diapers can be rented from Bum & Tummy (they keep each family’s separate), and they also offer a laundry-only option for families who have their own stash of reusables. The food menu features three meals a day of organic, vegan and wheat-, salt- and sugar-free options for babies and toddlers. Some dishes sound so good (think golden beets and cannellini beans), mom and dad might even sneak a bite!

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Story byEmily Kovach