The Politics of Seed Saving in the Age of GMOs

image courtesy of Mural ArtsWhat could be political about seed saving? At a time when the overwhelming majority of the American food supply contains foods that have been genetically modified and are protected by patents, when farmers are subject to aggressive litigation for saving those seeds, intentionally or not, the answer is plenty. On Thursday, September 26, a panel discussion hosted by Mural Arts of Philadelphia will explore that topic in much greater depth, including the political envirionment that got us where we are, and where things go from here, as part of the Mural Arts’ 30th Anniversary “What We Sow” series of events.

Join moderator Jon McGoran, editor in chief of Grid magazine and author of the acclaimed novel Drift, as he welcomes panelists:



The panel will take place Thursday, Sept 26, 6 - 7:30 p.m. at the Reading Terminal Market, 12th & Filbert Streets.