Clothes Encounter: Father and daughter collect and donate clothes discarded by runners

photo by Neal SantosFor Michael Resnic and his daughter Madeline, preparing for a marathon doesn’t involve long runs or cross-training sessions. All they need are comfortable shoes, some trash bags and volunteers to help them gather the shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, hats and gloves that runners shed along the race route.


After witnessing the mass of clothing discarded at the 2007 Philadelphia Marathon, the Resnics founded Clothes-Pin, a nonprofit that collects runners’ cast-off layers and donates them to local homeless shelters and other organizations. Since then, they have collected and donated more than 100,000 articles of clothing and thousands of pairs of sneakers. Michael has big dreams for Clothes-Pin — including a fleet of electric trucks, corporate partners and a national expansion. He hopes that in the next five years Clothes-Pin will exceed 250,000 articles of clothing distributed, while assisting the Council of Responsible Sport in sustainable approaches to sporting events, partnering with clothing manufacturers and becoming a local presence in disaster relief.


“Thanks to my daughter Madeline for asking, ‘Why?’” says Michael, “and thanks to the Philadelphia running community, Tony Medwid at Bethesda Project, and the friends, family, schools and neighbors who made Clothes-Pin a success.”


Clothes-Pin is currently seeking volunteers for the Rock n’ Roll Marathon (Sep. 13-15) and the Philadelphia Marathon (Nov. 15-17) this fall. For more information, visit

Story by Peggy Paul