Free Coffee Pop-Up Shop Hopes to Stimulate Community

Artist Kathryn Sclavi is opening up "Freeshop Coffeeshop," a pop-up community space at an empty lot in the East Callowhill neighborhood Wednesday, August 7. The inaugural Freeshop event will feature free cold-brewed coffee from Green Street Coffee Roasters and an open-mic performance space. This will be the first of a series of weekly events throughout August and September. The project, sponsored by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, hopes to create a 'third space' for community members, away from both home and work, for people to socialize, relax, and enjoy refreshments and entertainment. Check out the shop this Wednesday at 616 N 10th St, starting at 6 p.m. and keep an eye on the shop's facebook page or the artist's tumblr page for more information on future events. 
Sarah E. Adams is an editorial intern at Grid and can also be found working for Bennett Compost at a farmer’s market near you.