Book Beats: Crazy cool speaker sets are bound to inspire you

At Hive76, a small community makerspace at 915 Spring Garden St., audio-whiz Brendan Schrader creates small batches of up-cycled speakers that look as good as they sound. “If I’m building something, I always try to use what’s already around me,” says Schrader, who also salvages cases and materials from local vintage shops.

The portable “BoomCase” is self-contained and has inputs for iPods, instruments, even microphones. The wood and vinyl “BoomBooks” are the size and shape of books, easily hidden away in a bookcase. Schrader’s most recent “noisemakers” use small devices called electromechanical transducers to produce sound on flat panels featuring wood burnings by Chris Terrell, a fellow Hive76 member. “We are a group of hackers, DIYers and makers,” says Schrader. “We tear things apart and put them together in new ways.”

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Story by Morgan Berman