Pros and Kahns

20th Century Chestnut Hill, a six-month exhibition at the Chestnut Hill Historical Society (8708 Germantown Ave.), gives proper due to the mid-century homes tucked under that neighborhood’s famous green canopy. Featuring drawings, plans and models, the exhibition profiles the likes of Robert Venturi, Romaldo Giurgola, Oskar Stonorov, and Louis Kahn. The Esherick House, pictured here, was designed by Kahn in 1959 and is one of only nine homes designed by him and built in his lifetime. Located at 204 Sunrise Lane, on a spacious property abutting Pastorius Park, the home is noted for T-shapes that Kahn later applied to other, larger structures, as well as a custom kitchen by Wharton Esherick, whose niece Margaret was the first owner of the house. For more on this story, visit Hidden City Daily,