Invisible River Celebrates the Schuylkill

Photo © JJ Tiziou /

An elaborate multi-part performance artwork will be singing, dancing and flying along, above, and in the Schuylkill River for two evenings this June.

Raising much of the funding of the event through small donations on Kickstarter, performance group Alie & The Brigade, has put together a colorful and exciting project with sculpture, song, aerial acrobatics, choral singing, dance party, and food, provided by Cosmic Catering.

The event is a full evening experience, starting at the parking lot at St. Joseph’s University Boathouse. Audience members are led by a choir singing compositions by Elliott Harvey. They are guided to a parking lot transformed with sculpture built by SpArc Philadelphia, a non-profit advocating for the citizenship and support of people with disabilities. This background serves as a space for the audience to view two aerial dancers performing in suspension beneath the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Alie & the Brigade have offered classes open to anyone to learn the choreography for the event, so the performers will also include the members of these recent rehearsals.

The performance concludes with the two aerial dancers, including choreographer Alie Vidich, swimming towards the audience on the banks of the river. There, Vidich will speak of a larger vision for the future of performance art at the Schuylkill, and her hope to create an annual event to advocate for public swimming access in the river. Afterwards, the audience will be invited to stay and dance themselves, with a DJ dance party that will end at 11 p.m.

The event is held on Sundays, June 16 and 23, starting at 8 p.m. each evening. The event is free for all ages. To learn more, visit


Sarah E. Adams is the editorial intern at Grid and can be found working for Bennett Compost at a farmers market near you.