Our 50th Issue, featuring Judy Wicks, Is Out Now!

We are very excited that our 50th issue is out, and even more excited that it features Judy Wicks on the cover. Judy is local icon and a pioneer in the local food and sustainability movements. We'd call her inimitable, but luckily many have imitated her, and the world is a better place because of it.

This issue also features our 24-page guide to the Hidden City Festival 2013, a six-week celebration of some of Philadelphia's least-known gems. With great photos and fascinating facts from our friends at Hidden City, we know you're going to enjoy the guide, and we hope it helps inspire you to take advantage of this unique — and uniquely Philadelphian — event.

We have a few hidden gems of our own in this issue, including stories on an innovative workplace CSA, the return of native wildflowers through forest restoration efforts, money-saving energy efficiency grant programs, and more, including features on forager David Siller and artist Meei Ling Ng.  

So be sure to pick up a copy at one of our more than 450 pickup locations, or, if you can't wait, click HERE to read it on line. And don't forget, you can meet some of the people who are in this issue and who helped put it together, at Grid Alive, Friday, May 10. Hope we see you there!