Common Market finds a home for their Philly Good Food Lab

photo from planphilly.comAn old auto-parts warehouse is getting a sustainability make-over thanks to Common Market. The relic of Philly’s industrial history will soon be the Philly Good Food Lab, a co-working space focusing on local food production and enterprise.

Common Market is a distributor that connects institutions around Philadelphia to local food sources. The company’s rapid growth has made their 2,000-square-foot rental with the Share Food Program too crowded for their ambitious goals and increased popularity. The new space is 70,000 square feet and in good condition from the last owners – Cardone, an auto-part remanufacturing company.

The abundance of space at the corner of Erie Avenue and D Street will allow Common Market to expand their operations and still leaves plenty of space for innovative solutions for creating a better sustainable food network for Philadelphia. Five to seven tenants will be able to rent between 1,000 to 10,000 square feet, making the warehouse a hub of collaboration.

Common Market aims to invest in local farmers, businesses and residents of Philadelphia and the new space will allow them to do just that by creating a space of mutual support. To learn more about the project and potential collaborators, read this article on the project at


SARAH E. ADAMS enjoys old trees, spring vegetables, and pollen season.