The Personal Side of Stormwater Management

Eastwick resident Brice Baker in front of Cobbs Creek, just yards from his house. Photo from axisphilly.orgLater this summer, Grid Magazine will be partnering with the Community Design Collaborative and the Philadelphia Water Department to bring you an insert focusing on the Soak It Up design competition, which challenged design teams to create innovative solutions to stormwater management challenges. There has been increasing attention given to stormwater mitigation lately, and rightly so. But it's important to focus on the impact of stormwater run-off, and those who are suffering because of it.

Over at, Julia Bergman does just that, taking a close look at the issue of flooding in the city's Eastwick section (Grid covered development issues there in Sept. 2012), and the impact it is having on residents. It's important to keep in mind that while stormwater management is a complex issue that involves public policy, infrastructure investment, sustainable design and more, it is also about people's lives.