Future Track Program partners job development with city beautification projects

Image via Philadelphia Streets DepartmentIn another promising move to make Philadelphia a more thriving, self-sustaining city, Mayor Nutter has announced the launch of a new program, the Philly Future Track, which will provide job-training and skill development to 130 of the city’s young adults. Sponsored by the Mayor and the Philadelphia Streets Department, Future Track is intended to build civic and environmental stewardship among young adults in the 18 to 24 age range with no previous higher education or employment.

Through the program, participants will work in teams with the Streets Department on city beautification projects. The six-month paid terms include an alternate workweek schedule, with three days spent “on the job,” and two in the classroom honing job-skill sets. The work with the Streets Department includes: maintaining Litter Free Zones, hazardous waste control, and cleaning alleyways to improve safety. In the classroom, skills such as resume writing, computer training, and understanding finances will be taught. By the end of their term participants will be prepared for fulltime employment, a two or four-year higher education program, vocational school, or the military aptitude test.

The goal is to boost employment rates from within the city, while making opportunities available to youth residents who might not otherwise have the chance to develop these skills. The hope is that Future Track will help raise living standards in Philadelphia by fostering a new generation of employable citizens, and instilling an enduring sense of civic pride in the city’s younger population.

For more information on the Future Track Program, visit the Streets Department website.

COURTNEY SEXTON recently completed her graduate degree in nonfiction writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She's a "Jersey girl" living in Philadelphia, but is just as likely to be found anywhere else on the East Coast.