Lights, Camera, Action: Revolution Recovery in the Local Limelight

Our previous cover stars Revolution Recovery are now gracing the silver screen in a new documentary by Temple film grad Nicolas Romolini.

The documentary gives a look into Revolution Recovery’s day-to-day operations at their Northeast Philly facility. Romolini talks with founders Avi Golen and Jon Wybar about their work and how they’ve developed a unique recycling system that has revolutionized the way construction “waste” materials are processed.

Romolini had originally learned about Revolution Recovery from Grid’s cover story.  His colleague Gene Smirnov, who shot the photos for the piece, suggested Romolini use the company as the topic for his next project. Having done a variety of past pieces, covering subjects from street artists and musicians to the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Rally, Romolini felt the company was another great opportunity to look at individuals making a difference on a small level.

For now, the video is up on Vimeo and Romolini’s website and there are plans to show it at upcoming film festivals. To watch Nicolas Romolini’s short documentary or any of his other works, visit his website.